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    Posted on July 30, 2015 by in DIY Project Gallery


    Just when I think my master bathroom is done, I go and find another project. Will I ever finish? I can see the light. Well, sort of. Until we come up with more funds, this will be a good place to pause after grout and a little paint!  Looking at our vanity, I know that I’m going to paint it with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in “Pure White”. That’s next on the list! (I even have the paint) But I happened to notice that the grout on my boring tile countertop was looking more than tired. It was dull and didn’t go with the fresh color new color pallet.

    I found myself wandering aimlessly around Home Depot the other day and found this on the tile/grout aisle. It’s called GroutRenew by Polyblend. It comes in an array of grout colors. Essentially it’s like a grout paint that changes or renews the old grout color and seals it all in one step. I had an Ah-Ha moment and grabbed a bottle in “Delorean Gray”

    This is what my grout looked like before…..Dingy, beige, stained, not great. But what if I could change it without replacing it? That’s where the GroutRenew comes in. To the rescue!

    I made sure the old grout was clean and dry and used an angle brush (from my make-up stash) to paint on the new gray color. I tried not to glop it on, but wasn’t too careful with my application. I basically just followed the instructions on the bottle. Except I opted for getting it on the tile as well as the grout. My countertop tile is glazed so I knew this stuff would come right off. You could definitely wipe up the excess “paint” as you go, but I opted for this method and it worked great.

    I let the GroutRenew set overnight. Then using a slightly damp scrubby sponge, I went over the tile, removing the excess “paint”. I was careful not to scrub the grout lines themselves.

    About 30 minutes later, my grout looked amazing! It was fresh and clean and most importantly, gray! It matched my bathroom and now wasn’t such an eyesore. Maybe I can live with this tile countertop for a little longer after all!

    Seriously try it! Super simple and inexpensive. Around $13 to transform a tired tile job. It’s a subtle change, but completely worth it!



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