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    My dear friend is having a baby! Baby #3 to be exact and she’s having another girl, outnumbering her husband 4 to 1! But no matter what, with a baby comes joy and excitement. So throwing her a baby shower was definitely in order.

    Baby Lauren’s nursery is going to be a garden theme filled with shades of pink, green and even a little aqua. I took my cues from the adorable crib bedding and planned a garden themed brunch. My friend Leah’s two young daughters would be attending the event, so I decided to include the daughter’s of all the other shower guests too.

    There were as many children attending the shower as adults! So I thought a kid’s table and  separate adult tables were fitting. I was able to add some really fun elements to the little girls table. For each place setting I made a colorful pinwheel and stuck them in small crackle painted pots. Each pot had a tiny bubble wand and a flower lolly pop made from mini cupcake papers. I filled the pots with colored miniature marshmallows for fun. The girls loved their favors, and were able to enjoy them at the party and take them home.

    At the adult tables, I planted a vibrant pink verbena in a mini pot and attached a chalk board tag. I stamped it with the words “Thank You”. A lovely punch of color to the table and a favor for the guests to take home to their own garden. I love the pink polka dot and striped paper straws! I’ve been waiting to use them and this was the perfect occasion!

    At the shower, I served brunch to all the guests. We had a farmers casserole (a layered breakfast dish with hashbrowns, green chilies, eggs, ham and cheese) mini cheese and spinach quiches, cream cheese filled strawberries, chocolate peanut butter drizzle cookies, coconut lemon bars, zuccini bread with cream cheese spread, chocolate cake pops and donut holes. To drink I offered coffee, iced tea and raspberry lemonade. I wanted to share the donut tree that I put together. It was such a hit! I started with a 17″ styrofoam cone and beginning at the bottom, alternated with powdered sugar and crunch hostess donettes. I inserted a toothpick into the cone and then slid the donuts on one at a time.  It took EXACTLY two boxes of each kind. I had no idea how many to get. I was so happy I didn’t eat one while I was working on it! I topped the tree with a tule pom-pom I hot glued to a tooth pick. Once complete, I wrapped the entire thing in layers of saran wrap to keep it from drying out.  I was able to put it together the night before, wrap it, and have fresh donuts when it was time for the guests to arrive.

    Just a few of the fun shower decorations

    An antique baby cradle makes the perfect nesting place for all the baby gifts. Adding charm and an element of surprise to the party.

    Every baby shower has to have games! But I am not a fan of goofy shenanigans that you often are subjected to at a typical shower. No publicly humiliating the guest of honor by guessing her girth, no gross blind baby food tasting quiz or “guess what’s in the diaper”. Seriously?? Not my kind of shower. I created a diaper cake and used it for one of the shower games. I walked around with the cake display and had guests write down how many diapers they thought I used to construct it. Whoever guessed the closest to the actual number won a prize. Then the diaper cake went home with Leah to deconstruct and use once her sweet baby girl arrives. I used 69 size 1 pampers swaddlers. That way if her baby is a little larger upon arrival, none of them will go to waste.

    The next game we played was “The Price Is Right” I purchased a bunch of baby items I knew my friend needed and had guests guess how much each item cost. (Including the adorable box!) They then added up their grand totals and whoever was closest (without going over) won a prize.

    Having so many kids at the shower, I wanted to play a fun game just for them. I had the girls pair up and try to diaper a baby doll while each using only one hand. This took lots of communication and team work. I timed each team, awarding the fastest team prizes. They had a lot of fun and it was great for all us mom’s to sit back and watch!

    While Leah opened all her gifts, I had one last activity for  the little girls . I figured they might get bored  watching someone open endless pink baby outfits. I created a baby alphabet book (pictured above a few pictures back). It’s made of chipboard and scrapbook papers, giant pink binder clips, fun ribbons and puffy letter stickers. The idea was each girl would take a page with a letter of the alphabet and draw a picture that starts with that letter. For example on the letter “Aa” page you could draw an apple.  I told the girls to be creative and even write out the word of their drawing if they wanted. Some girls only did one page, while the artists at heart did several! I then assembled the book for Leah to take home as a memento. Not only is it a special keepsake, but a great first baby book too.

    This was such a fun party! I loved putting it together and seeing my friend so happy. It was an honor hosting her baby shower and I can’t wait to meet her little Lauren Louise!!

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