• Sweetheart Candles

    Posted on February 5, 2013 by in DIY Project Gallery

    These sweetheart candles are a fast and easy way to add a little love to your home this Valentine’s day! Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

    • 3- 8” glass jar candles
    • 6 book pages measuring 4” x 7 ½ “
    • Twine & colored string
    • White glue
    • Foam craft brush
    • Glittered heart sticker (optional)

    I used my Cricut Expression to cut the heart shapes and the word “LOVE” from the individual book pages. You can use a craft punch or trace and cut shapes to get the same effect. The possibilities here are endless. I choose a simple design for my valentine display.

    For each candle, you’ll need one book page with a cutout and one plain book page. Begin by brushing on white glue all over the backside of the plain book page. Making sure to get all the edges.

    Place your book page onto the jar candle, centering it between the top and bottom of the jar.

    Smooth the book page in place with your hands, working from the center out. Smooth any wrinkles or bubbles as you work towards the edges.

    Next apply glue to the book page with a cut out in it. Line up the top edges with the already adhered book page and smooth from the center out.

    For the word “LOVE” I had to adhere the center of the “O”. This is a tiny detail, but makes a big difference when you see your candle light shine through the cut out.

    Repeat these same steps for your other two jar candles.

    To embellish my candles I used twine, red burlap fibers and natural burlap fibers. They are pretty much just the strings that make up burlap fabric. You can use anything for this. Sting, ribbon, even yarn. Anything you have on hand.

    For one candle I tied two pieces of red burlap fibers together in a knot and cut the tails. On another I used 3 pieces of natural burlap fibers tied together in a knot and cut the tails. On the last candle I used a piece of twine tied in a knot and then tied a piece of red burlap fiber in a bow over it. I untwisted the twine tails just a bit to make them look frayed.  You can do any combination of this, however you like!

    Lastly I used a glitter heart sticker for the center of one of the heart candles. It adds a little shimmer and makes all three candles unique.

    Since your candles are new, you’ll have to let them burn a few hours before you’re able to really see the glow through your valentine cutouts.

    And that’s how easy spreading a little love can be!


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