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    Posted on May 20, 2013 by in DIY Project Gallery, Home Decor


    I was cleaning my office the other day and sorting through the mounds of junk.  I was dividing piles into smaller piles and moving them around the room. That’s progress right? mid- pile, I found this great Eiffel Tower glass bottle! I’ve had it for years and hadn’t wanted to get rid of it. I liked it, but had rotated it off the shelf for something else when we moved. So in a box it sat.

    I love when I have an ah-ha moment! I knew I could make this baby look great with some paint. I grabbed my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Duck Egg and a natural bristle brush. (If you hadn’t noticed this is my go to color these days!)

    I gave the entire bottle one coat of paint and let it dry.  You can see how the paint already begins to transform the bottle! Just look how all the details of the Eiffel Tower come alive! {Insert happy excitement}

    The next morning I grabbed my cup of coffee and a piece of sand paper to distress the painted glass. I love how the paint has that chalky matte finish once it dries!

    Sanding it REALLY emphasizes its intricate detail!

    Note to self: Do not sand projects next to your coffee cup! I had tiny chalk paint particles floating in it once I was done. Awesome.

    I lightly sanded the raised texture just taking off a tiny bit of paint. You can sand as little or as much as you’d like. The more you take off, the more glass shows through. I even sanded a little of the recessed parts.

    The best part about distressing is you can’t mess it up! If you take off too much, go back and add more paint. You can repeat this process until you get it just right. You can even add a second color of paint over the top and sand it again. This will give your piece a two tone effect adding even more interest. Don’t like distressing? leave it a solid color too! The matte finish of Chalk Paint will leave your glass looking awesome regardless.

    I love Chalk Paint. I love the matte finish. I love how simple this project is!

    And I love how this old piece is even better than before! It’s definitely ready to be rotated back in as a show stopper!


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