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    Posted on November 8, 2013 by in Home Decor

    Thanksgiving is upon us and that is such a lovely thing! Not only does it mean loads of fantastic food, fabulous fall colors, and family togetherness, but it means Christmas is just around the corner! After Halloween, I want to hit fast forward and get to the good stuff. The Christmas music, the cookies, THE DECORATIONS!! But what about Thanksgiving? This holiday is often over shadowed by the anticipation of the greatest holiday of the year. Thanksgiving holds so many wonderful memories and offers a time to reflect on what we truly are thankful for. I love all of the wonderful sights and smells, the air outside, the leaves…the calm before the storm so to speak. Christmas is so hectic, insane and cram-packed to the rafters full of lists and busy schedules. I want to take Thanksgiving as a time of serenity before the holiday rush begins.

    I decorate my home for fall in general with lots of gourds and pumpkins, nuts and seeds. Things that reflect the harvest, have great texture and natural interest.

    I start inside with wheat bundles and white beans. These make great vase filler, while keeping it neutral. I don’t like my rooms interrupted by too much color. Just bits and pieces that are easily swapped out with the seasons.

    I really like the splashes of orange with my turquoise décor!

    My piano is a new surface I have to decorate this year. It was handed down to me from my parents who were going to give it away. I had it all growing up and couldn’t bare the thought of not keeping it in our family. My kids now take lessons and I am loving it in my home. That being said, I embellished it’s natural wood tone by layering a few frames with a mirror for interest.

    I hung a twig wreath over my window frame mirror. I love the texture it adds. Like the barren trees outside, this wreath has too surrendered it’s last leaf to the season. It’s ready for the frosty touch of winter.

    Something dear to my heart is this little shadow box. Inside this burlap backed beauty is an oak leaf with a few seed pods attached to it. When I was little, my mother and I would go to a park by our house and crush  little “puff balls” on the ground every fall. A memory I will always treasure. A few years ago, my mother went back to that park and found the perfect puff balls as a gift. So here they sit. This shadow box not only screams autumn, but captures a piece of my heart.

    I’ve brought back the book page garland on my mantle. I love how playful it’s ruffled texture is. You can see how I made this garland in a previous post by clicking here.

    I found my Grandmother’s turkey platter that was passed down to me years ago. It’s nothing expensive and has a crack down the front. But I love it. I display it up above my cabinets during November. It’s festive and reminds me of her.

    Down the hall I have my giant framed chalk board (see how I made it here), a small wooden crate with pumpkins and book pages tied with twine. My daughter stuck in a long black feather she found outside. I just love her little touches : )

    This paper star has been out since the summer, but I like the natural color against the chalkboard backdrop.

    My powder room has touches of the thankful season too. I simplify things in here, keeping it very neutral. Black, white, off white and beige. The walls are really the only color!

    My daughter gathered these acorn tops outside. She said she knew I’d love them!

    I made this rolled book page wreath using an empty rectangular picture frame. I rolled individual book pages and hot glued them around and around the frame until I got this full look. I just kept adding and layering rolled pages until it looked right!

    Then I created this miniature banner and stamped out “Grateful” heart. I cut triangles out of chipboard and strung them together with jute twine. Super simple and cute.

    Keep it simple. Christmas is always so fussy and full (which I love!) I like to simplify my décor in November before my home  becomes doused in glitter!

    Lastly out on the porch, I kept the hay bale from Halloween and a few un-carved pumpkins. I got this giant Cinderella pumpkin the day before Halloween for $1! It’s gorgeous. A happy “hello fall” chalk board greets guests as they arrive.

    Straight from Pinterest, I created this “thankful” sign for the porch. The original project makes a sign with little clips to hang pictures from, but I liked it this way. I printed chalkboard letters, cut them out and nailed them to a stained board, using upholstery tacks. You can find this project and complete instructions here at:
    Thanks Shanty 2 Chic! Love it!

    I just love fall. I love filling my home with the season. Take time this month to enjoy the air. Enjoy the colors and the smells. Rest in the season of blessing. Be thankful for all you have, all you are and where you’re at.

    {Happy Thanksgiving}


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