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    Posted on October 13, 2014 by in DIY Project Gallery

    Coffee sack crafts and projects are popping up all over Pinterest and I’m in love! I love burlap, so these coffee sacks are a natural win for me.

    My friend Jeni (owner of B Designs Home Décor) was offered a stack of these beauties and I couldn’t resist. I had to get my hands on a few and start creating. I took 10. I had no idea what would become of them, but I couldn’t pass them up. Coffee sacks are a nice weight and are pretty soft compared to some burlaps at the fabric store. And they usually have cool writing that’s graphic and interesting because it was really used for coffee! I even found coffee beans in the bottom of some.

    My first coffee sack project was to recover my green barstool cushions. I got these cushions several years ago at target on clearance for $4. I’m phasing out the green and wanted bring in more neutral. I took three identical sacks (all with the same wording) and got to work making simple slipcovers. I don’t have any pictures of the process, but here’s what I did: I measured the cushion, then measured my “fabric” an inch larger than my cushion dimensions. I cut out my square pieces of fabric, pinned them right sides together. Then I sewed three sides, leaving the fourth side open. I turned the slipcover right side out and put the green cushion inside. I pinned the top section closed and topstitched it closed with my machine being careful not to catch any of the cushion insert in my stitching.

    I used twill ribbon lengths and top stitched them of either corners for ties. This way the cushions will stay put when you sit on them.

    I really like how all three are the same, but unique at the same time.

    In my pile of sacks, I found one that says Portland Oregon on it. I covered a wooden frame I had  with it and used it in a layering display on top of my hutch. I cut the sack larger than my frame and used a staple gun to keep it in place. It’s simple, it’s cool, it’s local and it’s burlap!

    Another project I tackled was making coffee sack pillows. I took two identical coffee sacks with blue stripes and wording and made more slip covers. Like making the barstool cushions, I measured pillow inserts and measured my fabric an inch larger. This time I pinned my fabric right sides OUT. I topstitched the two pieces together, put the insert inside and topstitched it closed. That part was a little tricky since it was so full! The fun part is the fringe. Because I topstitched it, it has this beautiful raw edge. I trimmed the burlap all the way around to create this cool and easy fringe. Beware, this makes a huge mess. And don’t wear black when making these. Or anything with burlap really! You’ll be a mess of fibers. This pillow project idea came from Bliss Ranch complete with directions and pictures. Adorable pillows! Check it out by visiting her Blog here.

    So if you’re counting I’ve used 6 of my 10 sacks and am not stopping there! My last fun coffee sack project was to make miniature Christmas stockings. I found a stocking pattern online and made a template. I positioned my template over the words I wanted to capture on the front of each stocking and just cut around it. I made sure the back of the stocking was plain so I didn’t waste any of the colorful wording and graphics. I think I got 15 stockings out of 2 sacks! I pinned them right sides together and sewed around them. Leaving the top part open. I turned them right side out, and topstitched decorative trim to the tops. I even used fabric glue. These are purely decorative so they don’t need the extra work of being lined. You definitely could though. If you aren’t handy with a sewing machine, you could glue your pieces together using fabric tack. I love this stuff!!! I use it all the time. It’s washable, and in a lot of cases better than hot glue. Tons of uses too. I found it at Joann Fabrics in the glue section.  For the little hangers for my stockings, I used a piece of jute twine. I made a little loop and threaded it through the top of the stocking with a needle. I then tied a knot creating a loop. Simple!

    These little beauties will  be for sale at B Designs Home Décor  during the holidays. I may have to keep a few for myself!

    I have a few sacks left, and loads of scraps! I can’t seem to part with the scraps. I’m hoping I’ll have a one of those A-HA moments in the middle of the night, where I sit straight up in bed with a vision of brilliance! When that happens I’ll be sure to let you know ; )


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