• Christmas Is Coming!

    Posted on December 1, 2013 by in DIY Project Gallery, Home Decor

    I love the holiday season and all it’s glory. The food, the decorating, the shopping, the wrapping, the baking, the magic! It’s such a wonderful time of the year. I wanted to share with you how I incorporate the holiday season into my home.

    These lovely little jars are from my wedding 13 years ago! I got married on December 2nd (who gets married in December?) and my wedding was a beautiful winter theme. I spray painted jar lids, drilled holes in the tops, threaded ribbon through and added hanging ornaments. I put a little Epsom salt in the bottom to look like snow. It’s sweet and simple.

    This is my entry way. I’m keeping the chalkboard clear for the holidays and opted to drape a sparkly “HO HO HO” garland I made with glittered letters across the top.

    My powder bath gets a touch of winter with an all white and silver glittered snow flake theme.

    This room is so small, it’s hard to get good shots of everything. I use apothecary jars and fill them with silver ornaments and glittered snow balls. I then top it with a wintery feathered wreath.

    Just down the hall you’ll find my piano sprinkled with touches of red and white.

    I realize these photos are a little blurry ( I need to use a tripod!) These are some fun trees I made last year using cardboard cones, fabric and burlap and strips of sheet music.

    Every year I say I’m going to make new stockings to display and then pull out these on Christmas Eve….but I never do! These are our handmade old school felt stockings. Mine and my Husbands are our actual childhood stockings! I had to keep the tradition alive and create similar ones for our kids. I cheated and used some from the dollar tree and added (and took away) to make them less cheesy and more personalized. Maybe new display stockings should be on my Summer to do list! The stocking hangers are also from the dollar tree. They were black and gold when I found them. A little mod podge and some white glitter and they’re completely transformed!

    On the opposite side of the mantel I have a quaint little vignette with bottle brush trees.

    For Christmas last year my mom created these adorable snowmen for me out of spools of yarn and thread. She found the idea on pinterest. I just love this little family. Next to them in a metal sleigh, I stacked some glass ornaments. Two of which are from my Husband’s great Grandmother. They are so cool! I just love the colors.

    Remember that gumball machine I used last Valentine’s Day for my centerpiece? I brought it out this Christmas and created a snowy scene inside! Like a snow globe without the water.

    Over in the kitchen…

    A very colorful vintage nativity from my childhood. My Mom gave it to me when I got married since I loved it so much. It doesn’t really go with anything I have, but it means a lot to me

    Glittered snowflakes falling from my chandelier

    JOY Scrabble tiles I made. Another fantastic Pinterest find.

    And our little tree. With the addition of our piano this year, we pretty much had one spot for our tree. We had to keep it skinny due to it being kind of in a pass through. It’s probably the smallest tree we’ve ever had! But it’s perfect.

    A few years ago I made this ruffled tree skirt. I started with a premade skirt. One that I had out of felt. I then used strips of muslin that I cut using a pinking sheer blade on my rotary cutter. I simply started at the outside edge and HOTGLUED the strips around the skirt. Bunching them as I stuck them down to create a ruffled look. It took about 3 hours and lots of hot glue sticks. But it was very inexpensive and turned out fantastic! Once again, another Pinspiration!

    Here’s another vintage ornament from Great Gran. It even has her name etched into the side! It’s very thin glass. Almost like paper!

    Can you tell I love glitter? I have Hope, Believe, Joy and Peace hanging from my tree. I love sitting by the tree in the evening when the lights are dim and watching everything sparkle. That’s where it feels magical. I hope some of these ideas have inspired your Christmas decorating.

    Have a Very Merry Christmas!


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