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    Posted on January 18, 2014 by in DIY Project Gallery, Home Decor, The Perfect Party

    Valentine’s Day is a little less than one month off and once again I have the privilege of decorating the widow for my dear friend Jeni over at B Designs Home Décor.

    The theme I chose this year is “Queen of Hearts” I apologize in advance for the glare on my pictures. It must have been the time of day and the amount of light. But, you can get a general idea. You’ll just have to go visit B Designs to get an in person look for yourself!

    I started by making several heart garlands out of different scrapbook paper, old book pages and sheet music. Thanks to my Cricut Expression, it made cutting all the different sizes pretty simple. I then ran the paper hearts through my sewing machine to link them all together with red thread.

    I strung a long piece of jute across the window like a clothes line, and clipped each dangling heart strand from it. The best is this vintage Queen of Hearts playing card graphic I found over at Wings of Whimsy. I had it printed at Office Depot, cut it out and hung it for some drama.

    I brought in other game elements like red and white poker chips, jars of dominos, chess pieces, dice and checkers. subtle, but playful. I didn’t want the window to scream sappy valentines this year.

    A metal tray of crown hooks a giant bronzed jack and the adorable clock topped with a crown (previous picture), keep in line with the royal theme.

    I wanted to throw in a little something unexpected with this vintage typewriter!


    It’s a little hard to see, but in the window stands a dainty little chalk painted side table.  Jeni hand painted this gem herself! On top sits a silver dish with rhinestone studded playing cards. I found scrapbook paper with black and white printed playing cards and added heart gem stickers to them.

    Here’s a back side view of that little table

    Leaning against the little table is an old cupboard door I made into a sweet sentiment. “Me + You  Stuck Like Glue” I used French Linen  and Graphite Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I then used clear and dark wax overtop.  If you’d like to create a sign of your own like this one, see how I did it here.

    I also wanted to showcase this amazing heart that Jeni created. She made it out of plywood and scraps of molding she had laying around. And of course Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and Wax. I LOVE IT! I asked her if she’d make me one next! I can’t wait to have this in my home.


    Looking for something sweet for your valentine? Stop in and see us!

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