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    Posted on January 10, 2014 by in DIY Project Gallery

    I’ve had this old cupboard door I got at the ReStore ages ago. I’ve been wanting to make a sign out of it, but just haven’t gotten around to it. I am working on the Valentine window display over at B Designs Home Décor and decided this would be the perfect opportunity for a sign!

    I started by filling in the hardware hole on the front of the door with wood filler. Now it’s ready for paint! This is where I realize that I haven’t taken any pictures! So here it is half started…and with my cell phone camera. Bare with me through this one! I gave the entire door 2 coats of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in “French Linen”.

    While that was drying, I used my Cricut Expression to cut out sticky backed vinyl letters. These will spell out what I want my sign to say. I used a few different fonts and sizes for this. The size of your letters will depend on the size of your sign you are making. Cutting your letters out of vinyl will allow you to stick them to your project and remove them when you’re finished painting.

    Once cut, I lined up words and lightly made pencil marks under the first letter in each line. This will help me in my next step! I then propped up my sign and used a level to make straight lines across the sign using those little pencil marks as a guide. These straight lines are now what I’ll use to line my letters up on when I stick them down. I hope that makes sense!

    I peeled off the backing of each letter and placed them by hand….a bit of a tedious task. But the level and straight pencil lines made it much easier!

    Once the letters are all stuck down and how I like them, I paint over the top of the letters with another light coat of “French Linen”. This will seal the edges of all the stickers and not allow any of my next colored top coat to seep under.

    Once dry, I rolled on a 2 coats of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in “Graphite” over my letters. I used a smooth foam roller for this. When the “Graphite” was dry, I went over the entire piece with  super fine sandpaper. You can sand right over the letters. It won’t hurt them and you’re going to remove them anyway.

    Next you can peel off your letters to reveal your wonderful saying in that ”French Linen” base color!

    Isn’t it fantastic????

    Wipe your sign down with a clean dry cloth to remove any dust from sanding. Now it’s time to put on a coat of clear wax. I used a nice big waxwell wax brush for this.

    With swirling motions, I apply the wax in a thin layer, wiping away the excess with a cloth as I go. Your waxed piece shouldn’t feel sticky and wax shouldn’t be coming off on your hands. If so, you’ve applied too much. Just continue removing the wax with a cotton cloth or lint free paper towel.

    You can even take your cloth and buff vigorously to give your sign a nice sheen. You can see the shine the sign has after I buffed it!

    Now for the dark wax! I used a very small amount here. I just wanted it to get into the creases a bit and to deepen the paint colors. I used the same wax brush, same swirling motion and  applied it mostly into the detail of the door and then lightly over the entire piece. Then I removed it with a cloth leaving behind some dark details. It’s very subtle. It ages it and I really like how it makes the “graphite” look even darker.

    And here’s the finished product on display at B Designs Home Décor! I really love how something old became something new and unexpected. It’s not only great for Valentine’s Day, but would make a sweet statement in your space year round.

    I hope this encourages you to look around your garage or craft stash. What can you turn into a sign of your own?

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