• Saying Good~Bye

    Posted on May 14, 2015 by in Home Decor

    B Designs Home Décor has been a part of my styling journey over the past 3 years. A place where I’ve had creative freedom. A place where I’ve meet new faces and place I have loved.  The shop owner started out at just a friend, but has now become so much more than that. A person I can talk to about anything. She’s lent me her ear to listen, a warm hug, encouraging words, and has been a prayer partner. She is that kind of friend. I am sad to say that B Designs is closing it’s doors in just a few short weeks. A decision that didn’t come easy to Jeni, but is the best one she could make at a turning point in her life where family comes first. Loyal customers and friends alike stand behind her in this bold decision and support her to the fullest! I am sad to let go of this place, but know the Lord has bigger and better plans in store. Not only for Jeni, but for me as well.

    I had the privilege of styling the front window {kind of a dream of mine} month after month at this quaint little shop. Jeni gave me the freedom to exercise my creativity and style as I saw fit. It was so fun and a huge blessing! I loved it! Truly loved it. The constant affirmation from customers and Jeni made it even better. People seemed to appreciate what I did and that was the icing on the cake.

    Jeni is still chasing her dreams by creating custom pieces and signs out of her home as well as hittin’ the road and selling her creations at shows and bazars alike. Please like her B Designs Home Décor page on Facebook follow her and watch out for upcoming events and shows she’s a part of.

    As a giant chapter closes in our lives I wanted to leave you with some of the fun work I was able to do at B Designs Home Décor. By no means is this the end, but a beautiful beginning. Thank you Jeni for all the love and support!



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